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We finally have our Ofsted report (October 2023) which we can now share with you

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You may notice that the newer reports are shorter than they used to be, actually only two and a half pages when you take out the ‘admin’ parts. This means that Ofsted have to try and cram a lot of information into a short report. Unfortunately this means that a lot of the great things that they have seen and told us about have been missed out e.g. how amazing our Pastoral Team are, how strong our Early Years is and the particular strength with some of our subject leaders.


Part of the judgement was informed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and carers - so thank you to those who filled in the form or spoke to the inspectors.


Obviously Ofsted are here to also point out what we need to improve. I was really pleased that they found nothing that we weren't aware of and were already working on:


  • 'Few Curriculum areas' - Since the introduction of the new curriculum in April 2022 we have worked hard on personalising this and making it our own. We have worked with our subject leaders, using specialists in education and collaborative work with other schools, to ensure that everything is carefully mapped out and is what our children need. With ten mandatory subjects on top of other areas, we have had to prioritise our work and in these areas (Maths, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Science, History, Geography & DT) there is considerable strength. We are now completing the work we are doing on the other subjects that will soon be at the same level. We are really proud of our 'Bright Ideas' curriculum that we have created.


  • SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) - Again we have worked so hard on this, especially since Mrs Elsender took on the role of SENDCo in September 2022. We were extremely proud of how strong our Hubs (bases) came out. We have already planned for staff training which, linked with our work on the curriculum, will help us to support all of our children to reach their full potential.


An Ofsted report is a snapshot of a school and has given us the validation that what we are working on is what needs to be done. Regardless of the judgement we will continue to do what we feel / know is right for the children at New Brighton Primary and we are excited for what is to come.


Enjoy reading the report!

Mr Daniel Armer (Proud Headteacher)

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