Personal, Social, Health Education

At New Brighton Primary, we work collaboratively (within school and across the wider community) to help children develop into happy and resilient learners through a broad PSHCE curriculum. Despite PSHCE not being a statutory subject, we strongly feel that it is a fundamental subject to children’s own personal and social development so that they are given the strategies to keep themselves healthy and safe whilst preparing them for life and work in modern Britain. We believe that children should have a secure knowledge of themselves, others and the wider world in order to maintain an ethos that promotes self-esteem, responsibility, independence and confidence.

Our children are taught how to handle a range of situations, including bullying, abuse, first aid, relationships, money management and emotional health amongst a wealth of other topics from the PSHE Association curriculum. We have consistent and high expectations of behaviour that help children to understand the difference between right and wrong, and apply this to real-life situations. Children will take part in discussion-based lessons where they will develop their ability to consider and respect the views of others, as well as develop an opinion of their own.

We are very proud of our successful ‘Tranquillity Room’, a place where children are encouraged to discuss their emotional wellbeing through a range of strategies, including massage, belly-breathing and mindfulness. Children respond positively after their experiences in the Tranquillity Room, and are encouraged to independently continue with the strategies after their supported programme.

At New Brighton Primary, we believe the link between home and school is vital in supporting children’s social and emotional development. We offer a range of effective workshops through our fun and friendly F.A.C.T. group, which supports parents in implementing a positive attitude to social and emotional health at home too.

We provide an enhanced PSHCE curriculum that doesn’t just take place in the classroom. We work collaboratively with organisations in the local community, such as first aid trainers and NSPCC as well as ensuring our visits engage children in the wider community.

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Headteacher Daniel Armer
Deputy Headteacher John Jones
SENDCo / Assistant Headteacher Kate Elsender
Pastoral & Safeguarding Lead Claire Evans
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Attendance Officer Jill Eastwood

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