It can often be said that learning a new language offers a child more than one window from which to look at the world. This is an attitude that we certainly embrace here at New Brighton Primary, where we aim to provide excellent opportunities for children when learning a new language. We encourage them to embrace different cultures, and adopt an attitude of resilience when beginning their Foreign Languages journey. Spanish is the primary language of 20 countries worldwide, making it the second most widely spoken language. It is for this reason we have chosen to embed this wonderful language within our Curriculum.

Together we will:

  • Work in partnership with families and the wider community to achieve the highest standards of learning and behaviour.
  • Develop and maintain an ethos of mutual respect and promote self-esteem, responsibility, independence and confidence whilst recognising individual strengths.
  • Promote positive attitudes and understanding of healthy lifestyles and physical activity.
  • Provide a learning environment which enables children to become happy, secure and resilient.
  • Build on the positive relationships with home and the wider school, national and global communities to promote respect and inclusion for all.
  • Prepare all children for the challenges ahead, embracing technology and promoting a life-long love of learning.

Due to the fact that Spanish is the main language taught by the majority of local Secondary Schools, this seemed a logical choice for our children to study. Through our sessions we aim to foster a love of learning a new language and to stimulate children’s curiosity about other cultures. Children gain a great sense of accomplishment from learning to say something in a foreign language, and Spanish may provide them with the opportunity to use this new skill when on holiday.

Once the children reach Key Stage 2, the Curriculum is delivered in weekly sessions and is linked to the statutory guidelines for Key Stage 2 as outlined in the National Curriculum. This is developed and monitored by a team of Subject Leads who ensure the Scheme of Work is of the highest quality.

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